At the present time, heart diseases are becoming so common. The main function of the heart is to pump an oxygenated blood going to the lungs as well as other parts of the human body. The heart would stop to function if the blood is not pumped adequately. In general, this takes place because of the quivering of the heart called as ventricular fibrillation. 

Such physical condition would leave the person with only a couple of minutes to obtain a fast medical assistance for them to be revived. And in such emergency situation, anyone who is close to that person is able to make the heart pump even a small volume of blood so that the person will be able to survive until a medical help is available. The process of restoration of blood to the heart is called as cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. 

The CPR is definitely a lifesaving method. It involves the heart being pressed down and up in order to make it begin a couple of pumping to make some blood flow in that person to keep him or her alive until a medical assistance arrives. The history of CPR started on the early 1740s where the mouth to mouth restoration method was still used. And as time goes on, the process of CPR was developed in giving chest compressions which aids in stimulating both the heart and lungs. This new method was then initiated to be utilized to train any person in utilizing CPR method to save a dying person, link: resource here! 

The CPR certification is compulsory if the person belongs to a profession like doctor, therapist, nurse as well as other healthcare professionals aside from swimming teacher, lifeguard, firefighter, police and other types of adventure sports trainer, visit the website and find out more here! 

The next important thing that requires to be decided is if an offline or online course necessitated to be chosen. And with the advancement in the technology, it is definite that anyone can easily obtain an online CPR certification without any problem. And even if one would acquire a certification only after doing or demonstrating the appropriate CPR techniques, even in the online program. To learn more about health, visit 


The next thing that you should decide is the level of CPR certification that requires to be obtained. There are courses that begin with a basic CPR certification and move on to the advanced one where training on the electronic defibrillation is provided.